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Our Products

Our Products

At Whatisreal, we harness the power of artificial intelligence to modernize business processes and bolster companies on their digital transformation journey. Our product Chat-in revolutionizes customer service; this chatbot, seamlessly integrated into your website, offers your customers a real-time, interactive service experience. Powered by AI, it can autonomously converse with your customers, resolve their issues, and even make sales. Supported by customized training, this AI learns the language and needs of your business and utilizes this knowledge to enhance customer experience.

Our other offering, Report-in, unleashes the power of AI in data analysis and reporting. The detailed and comprehensible reports generated by AI enable you to measure your business performance and make strategic decisions. These reports offer in-depth analyses on critical indicators such as market trends, customer preferences, and operational efficiency, equipping you with the necessary information to increase your competitive edge and lead in digital transformation.

At Whatisreal, we offer not just a product but a partner for your journey into the future. By automating fundamental functions like customer support and data analysis, we aim to help you redirect your business resources towards more strategic tasks, thereby achieving a leading position in your market.